Prefab-House in Bamboo - Maison Préfabriquée en Bambou
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Prefab-House in Bamboo:

Our Prefab-House fit your needs by modifying the surface, the walls, the terrace, finishes etc ...

You can also choose the type of flooring, coating, walls,interior finishes..
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Prefab-House in Bamboo


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Houses or housing modules from Chalet & Bamboo, are designed with the technical structure made of bamboo or beams or metal frame, allowing traditional as contemporary achievements.
Our plans have been made by the architect Antoine Galand (Brussels) .

Whether on the basis of your plans, architectural plans or custom made by our experts, Chalet & Bamboo’s cabins are always unique and designed to respond faithfully to your needs and your aspirations.
We offer houses of surfaces ranging from less than 20m ² up to 40m ² and more according to your requirement.
- For the individual, these modules are ideal for an extension of home, an additional guestroom, office...
- For tourism’s professionals, these modules are ideal for camping sites, hotels and resorts.

Designed for temperate climates, the module space well insulated, pleasant living spaces, thought for functional and environmental optimization,
Chalet & Bamboo’s Houses are over all a places to live where you feel well and where your family will love to be.

The lightweight material allows bamboo prefabrication. Prefabrication or the industrialization of the construction made of bamboo does not necessarily mean "all the same" of the final product, but an implementation’s optimization of construction that allows savings on the cost of building a house and reduce construction time.

The construction of a prefabricated bamboo house minimizes the risks and constraints of the site. Only servicing, connections to networks and foundations are carried out on site, while at the workshop is building volumes. This allows an incredible fast implementation!

For more information about Prefab-House in Bamboo me or any other services, please contact us